Research & Development

We have a team of highly qualified horticulturists who have been engaged in the research and development to create innovation, expertise and knowledge which promotes a sustainable future and positions our firm as an Environmentally friendly.

Our R & D team deals with the following aspects which is related to garden and landscaping. We at “Do it with Plants” keep on experimenting and introducing new and easily adoptable products and services.

We work on different aspects of Research and development related to Horticulture. Few of our On-going Research and Development work has been listed below.

Air Purifying Plants

Living in an energy efficient, modern building can have unintended side effects. One of these side effects is less air flow. Lack of air flow allows for indoor air pollution to build up and cause health issues like asthma or sick building syndrome.

In 1989, NASA discovered that houseplants can absorb harmful toxins from the air, especially in enclosed spaces with little air flow. This study has been the basis for newer studies about indoor plants and their air cleaning abilities. While plants have less horse power than air purifiers, they’re more natural, cost effective, and therapeutic.

Based on the NASA’s research findings, we have been researching on the indoor Plant population to reduce the pollution rate and also their different light zones so that it helps to standardize the growing conditions with plant density/population which will allow to breathe fresh air in the indoor conditions.

Soil Testing

Before we start the Garden and Landscape Installation process, we carry out the soil test to determine the health of the soil. Healthy soil is the cornerstone of a productivegarden and landscape. It is important to gain an understanding of the biological, physical and chemical interactions that govern soil and plant health. Our comprehensive report explains the mineral levels in the soil, while also assessing mineral ratios, organic matter, pH and soil structure. Based on this information, we recommend the inputs which can be tailored to improve the soil, along with an easy-to-follow plan of action to get the garden flourishing.

Pest and disease identification and its management

Being Plant whisperers, we understand the language of plants, its responsive behaviour towards biotic and abiotic stress and surrounding environmental conditions. Just like us, plants gets sick too when pathogens/pests attack them or may be due to physiological disorders/ imbalance nutritional levels. These creates massive amount of damage.

We manually collect the affected plant samples and send it to our expert R & D team. We work on analysing and understanding the problem faced by the plant species and also finding the solution based on the type of infestation.


Our R & D team has developed and tested home based bio-formulations which can be used for the management of pests and diseases. These Bio-formulations are made out of home -based natural plant extracts which are chemical free.


Our R&D team is always enthusiastic about learning new things and implementing the same for the improvement and development. Our team has been to few International field trips to gain the knowledge about the new sustainable technologies and adopt to bring about the change in our surrounding environment.

So far, we have been able to make our field trip to learn about the Technologies involved in the sustainable Agricultural Solutions (ISRAEL) and Skyrise Greenery Conference (Singapore) about the new mile-stone in the landscaping and gardening. Apart from the international field visits, we have also Visited Research stations throughout India and attended the conferences related to Vertical Garden (Green Infrastructure Conference)