• May 03, 2019
  • Admin
Imagine how beautiful it would be to enter a “stress free zone”, where you can find peace and relax after a hectic day!!!
Gardening is not just about the soil, water and plants. It’s an Art and one of the best Therapy to heal the Mental stress. Gardening is one of the way to get connected with the nature and grow love along with the plants it connects your SOUL to SOIL. It makes us more active, gaining both Physical and Mental health benefits.

“one hour gardening equals about 35 minutes of jogging”

The physical benefits of Gardening:

Weight loss
Blood circulation
Reduced bone loss
Stronger immune system
Vitamin D
Improved Co-ordination

The Mental Health benefits of Gardening:

Increased Neurotrophins- Increased Mental health
Cortisol reduction-stress relief
Mycobacterium vaccae Exposure – Anti-Depressant

“Mycobacterium vaccae” is a harmless bacteria found in soil that boosts serotonin in the brain, working as an ANTI DEPRESSANT

Gardening is the best teacher it helps you to build your patience and have self control. It’s so wonderful to bring something into life and see it growing.  It’s the perfect time of year to get planting and gardening is a lot more affordable than many other forms of therapy, so why not grow yourself better by making an appointment with us.