About us

Everyone should live with a little more green:

We at "Do it with plants" help you to strengthen your relationship with plants. we make buying plants easy by delivering healthy, ready-to-go plants to your door and setting you up with the tips and tricks you need to help your plants thrive. plants make life better. we make plants easy.

Shipped to your door

Our plants are shipped with care and experience. We've learned how to keep plants at the right temperature, protect their roots, and keep them healthy while they travel from our store to your home. Our innovative packaging holds the plant and pot securely in place, preventing damage and decreasing soil spillage. All plants will be healthy, undamaged, and ready for you to enjoy.

All the guidance

Our plant whisperers doesn’t stop once your plant leaves our store. We are here to help you with any and all of your plant care questions. From simple, customized care instructions included with your plant to real-time expert support, we want to make plant care easy.

about us