Theme Based landscape Design

With vast experience working with the many microclimates found in India, we provide landscape and garden consulting, site analysis, conceptual design services using 2D/3D Auto CAD and other software which would help in the visualization of our unique conceptual gardens based on your requirements. Our design includes planting plan where the process of Selecting and placing plants in the landscape which is an art and science of arranging plant material to make a healthy, functional, and beautiful yard. The mix of science and art is expressed in the guiding principle of & quot;right plant, meaning to select plants that can thrive in the growing conditions of the site and locating them for both visual appeal and health. Selecting and arranging plants are the last steps in the overall design process after the site analysis is complete and the activity areas located and designed.

Developing the planting plan is a sequential process, but it is important to remember that the process is not completely linear; sometimes decisions about plant material require reworking previous steps in the sequence and making adjustments to the plan. The process begins with developing a functional plan that shows the general concept for the landscape. 

Our Specialty designs include:
custom-themed gardens; pond and bog gardens with water features; succulent, native, Mediterranean and exotic gardens; and fragrant and colorful gardens that will blossom year round.