Terrace Garden Or Balcony Garden Or Sky Walks


Creating a beautiful outdoor space on a balcony can bring a lot of pleasure to you and your visitors for minimum effort. Balcony gardening offers the joy of plants but without the work that usually goes with a garden.

If you are an urban or rural dweller with a limited garden area, we can provide you with endless imaginative creations to suit. We excel at fusing clean and simple design with our unique style of planting to give you a bespoke and enviable garden, however small your space. Our bespoke window box and container garden service adds an easy to maintain and stylish instant garden to your space however small.


In an urban setting, a skywalk is a type of pedway consisting of an enclosed or covered bridge between two buildings. we create the best skywalk gardens where you can experience the green lush, peaceful, serene walk-in through the garden.


Terrace gardening is a concept which is widely used all over the world. It is a method of gardening where one cultivates useful plants on a slope/ terrace or a raised platform. Apparently, the cultivated platform is designed into terraces. A terrace garden is beneficial in various ways. It keeps the house dry, acts as a beautifying background and caters to the need of staple vegetables. 

A terrace garden can be created in any shape, design and any raised location. Places like a multi storeyed building, hotels, restaurants or institutes are the places one can follow terrace gardening. Converting your barren space into a lush green patch will de-stress an individual and also provide a healthy environment.

We Create a desired layout for your terrace garden and carefully plan the number of shrubs, small trees, lawn and others.