Bio Diversity Gradens


India has a varied agro-climatic and geographical zones with different types of forests and its vegetation. Due to increase in population deforestation has been increasing rapidly. Now all we have is increased urbanization with more of concrete buildings. Our approach is to re-create the forests quickly using all the native species which grows rapidly using our unique conservation design approach. 

The relevance of the forest today lies both within its vast botanical wealth and also its ability to mitigate the environmental conditions that are steadily deteriorating due to expanding population and to increasing consumer lifestyles. However, hardly any of this forest remains free from human interference; the vast majority of forests in the area are little more than degraded thorny thickets, lacking the inherent nobility of the climax vegetation.

We help in preserving the natural environment today to ensure its future tomorrow. We value trees as an important natural asset and aim to promote their preservation through creating quick forests using all native plant species. We aim at deliver practical approaches to making production systems more biodiversity-friendly, protecting important biodiversity. 


Ecological gardening seeks to harmonize our management strategies with nature’s processes. Our expertise is to help reestablish the natural cycles in your garden which will in turn promote healthy plants and soil. It encompasses philosophy and practice that reverts to the old idea that a garden should be part of and work with nature to create beauty and grow food, using modern ecological knowledge and organic methods and helps to reduce carbon foot-print. 

Some attributes of ecological gardens:
Beautiful landscapes
Conservation, restoration and repeat (echo) of the local landscape
True to place and ecosystem
Conservation of flora and fauna
Use of all native plants 
Sensitive to the needs of and provide habitat for other species
They build soil health
They help manage water

We are closely connected to the soil, sky, water, plants, and animals that surround us. As we become better stewards of the land, the living landscape provides us with such "ecosystem services" as cleaner air and water, healthy natural food, filtering of pollution and decomposition of waste. It also fulfills our need for recreation and beauty. As we nourish the earth, so it nourishes us.