Ceramic White Frog Planter with Angel's Tears

Soleirolia soleirolii has a number of common names, including Baby's tearsAngel's tearsBits and piecesBread and cheeseCorsican creeperCorsican curse, Friendship plant, HelxineMind-your-own-businessMother of thousandsPaddy's wig, and Pollyanna vine. It has also been called Irish moss; however, it is not a moss, nor should it be confused with Sagina subulata or Chondrus crispus (an alga), which are also known as "Irish moss".

Our product includes a healthy plant in wooden planter with premium media and all the tips and tricks for expert-level care.


  • This beautiful piece adds a sense of tranquility and peace to areas where space is limited, such as desks, counter tops and night tables. Bring a little of that outdoor beauty into your home or office.

Care Tips:

These are low maintenance and care free.


Actual product may vary in terms of size and shape, images in website are shown only for reference only. We assure you that the product will be of good Quality.

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