Black Ceramic Pot with Red Aglaonema Plant

Size of the Product

plants Height 5"
Diameter 5"

plants Height 8"
Diameter 1'

plants Height 1'1"
Diameter 1'


very easy perfect for beginners


low to bright indirect light

Pet Friendly


pet friendly

Air Cleaner


removes toxins from the air

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The Black abstract ceramic pot is a stylish piece which makes a perfect table top for the indoors. This is complimented by Red Aglaonema plant which is a spectacular houseplant with the stunning red-tinted leaves. This stylish species will not only ornament windowsills or desks Contributing a Zen Feeling To Your Environment, it will be also beneficial for a person’s health as it helps in purifying indoor air. NASA lists the Red Aglaonema as an excellent plant for removing harmful chemicals from the air.Their tolerance of a wide range of conditions makes them an excellent choice for the beginner plant own.