Ceramic Buddha Face Planter with Anthurium Plant

Size of the Product

plants Height 8"
Diameter 4.5"

plants Height 8"
Diameter 1'

plants Height 1'4"
Diameter 1'


Bright Indirect Light


medium to bright indirect light

Pet Friendly


can cause mouth irritation and digestive reaction

Air Cleaner


removes formaldehyde, benzene from the air

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botanical name : Anthurium andreanum

common name : flamingo flower, tail flower

Anthurium is the world’s longest blooming plant. Native to tropical environments, these plants are easy to care for and are popular for their bright flowers, each flower spike can last up to eight weeks. Featuring glossy leaves with heart-shaped blooms, this plant is a great addition to any home decor and provides many months of lasting enjoyment.

The Buddha face planter with Anthurium plant will add an element of serenity and grace to the indoor space. it helps to transform your home or garden into a place of happiness and harmony and invoke a spirit of tranquility with this meditating Buddha face planter and is sure to create a calming and relaxing environment.