Potted Bleeding Heart Vine with Metal Obelisk

Size of the Product

plants Height 9"
Diameter 1'

plants Height 1'5"
Diameter 1'

plants Height 2'4"
Diameter 1'


asy to grow and low maintenance



Pet Friendly


Non-toxic to dogs and cats

Air Cleaner


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Bleeding Heart vine is botanically called as Clerodendrum thomsoniae is also known as The glory bower which is an attractive bushy, tropical looking twining vine. the Bleeding Heart Vine, plants have very showy flowers. Bleeding Heart Vine blooms profusely with rich crimson corollas peeking from white, balloon-like calyxes. The flowers are seen as clusters of red and white. Its leaves are dark green colored and are 5-7 inches in length. They are good climbing plants and are relatively easier to grow as they are sun-loving plants. They are quite aesthetic too, as they produce tons of flowers which can be easily trimmed to the desired size.

Our product includes a Metal Trellis, healthy plant in a plastic pot with premium media and all the tips and tricks for expert-level care