Light pink ceramic pot with silver queen ( aglonema)

Size of the Product

plants Height 5.5"
Diameter 6"

plants Height 10"
Diameter 6"

plants Height 15.5"
Diameter 6"


easy to grow and low maintenance


low to bright indirect light

Pet Friendly


pet friendly

Air Cleaner


removes formaldehyde, benzene from the air

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Aglaonema, commonly called Chinese evergreen, is one of the easiest plants for even novice gardeners to grow. It is a forgiving plant even bacause it survives even in low-light conditions. This plant has a tidy, upright If you consider its low-light and moist soil needs, growing Chinese evergreen is a snap. 

Our product includes a Ceramic Planter with saucer, healthy plant in a premium media and all the tips and tricks for expert-level care